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Gem Art/Gifts

We are proud to offer Simon Pearce, the beautiful hand-blown glass collection from Vermont! As seen on Oprah’s Favorite Things, Martha Stewart Living, and the gift of choice of Lorne Michaels for his SNL staff!


We also carry a variety of Gem Art and well crafted gifts. Have something you are looking for? Let us know…

Large Inhabited Planets and Vases




by Josh Simpson

Created by Josh Simpson, Large Inhabited Planets and Vases often have spectacular landscapes with lush continents surrounded by glowing azure oceans. You can nearly always find evidence of highly advanced civilizations with huge terra formed constructions on the surface. You may also find communication satellites and other spaceships in orbit above the planet.

“The last thing I do before I go to bed is walk out to my studio to check the furnaces. Seeing an aurora borealis, or watching a thunderstorm develop down the valley, or just looking up at the sky on a perfect summer night inspires me to translate some of the wonder of the universe into my glass. That wonder comes out in my work, not in any purposeful way but slowly. My work evolves in such incremental steps that I often don’t recognize the natural influences until someone points them out to me.”

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